A Scary Cat Before a Test

On an assumption of why am I scared



Photo by Nik on Unsplash

It usually never happens, but I think my nervousness brought me to realize, sometimes the unxpected may lead to happen. Or that the cause of affect will make me think I’m doing unwell on the test. It’s morelike the cause and effect before a test. I know I’m not a perfect person. So, therefore, I have to embrace myself always. To me, it doesn’t matter what score I get, as long I braced myself and accepted my own mistakes. At least I can say.

There some things that I learned while I asked chatgpt. Again, I wouldn’t ask that if I had a problem. But this time, I feel like I need to relearn it.

My question to chatgpt: How to get rid of my anxiety before a test?

It’s a really a simple question when you first come to think of it. But to me, it’s something that always concern me the day before a test.

Things what chatgpt said to do I think the four are the most important in what I learned are;

  1. Preparation/Time Management: Having enough time to study the material beforehand that makes you more confident.
  2. Having Mindfulness: Practicing yourself the moment.
  3. Visualization: Imagining yourself in your mind that you are answering each and every one of the questions calmly.
  4. Staying Hydrated: drinking water and staying hydrated and not dehydrated.

I think these are some of things, that I think is important to me now. But to others, it may differ.

Most of all, I re-learned the goal isn’t to have much anxiety as possible so it wouldn’t be able to disturb yourself in the your performance. For example, like tests, or job performances.




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