Annoyed The Fact Being Told:

To clean a room in order to make friends.



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I haven’t had a friend come to my room for ages. The point is I never had a friend come by to visit. I see the no point of it cause it doesn’t matter whether they come or not. Also, I rarely hang out with people. My world or more like the temptation causes me to not hangout but just go into shopping.

I was told by this by a chinese nanny cleaner. Although, she just saying,” oh you’re Old enough to make friends”. Yah, I get it. Youre not the one who will control or how I do make friends in my life.

Have I ever made friends?

Yes, I have but it always been in and out. The probability of having a friend or someone online reaching out to you makes you comfortable to be able to talk to someone.

But most of the time I get tired and bored from it, cause it doesnt feel authentic that you’re talking to someone. Yet, the text itself makes yourself sensitive towards it. Thus, I’ve become wary from others and even family members.

But its as life goes, friends come or go the ones that really stay and listen are sometimes real friends.

Thoughts afterwards:

Well it just a thought that I was bothered its nothing much.

The fact that I was bothered, is that cleaning the room itself ‘allows you to make friends’. Nop it doesn’t. It only boosts the confidence of positivity in order to show someone to your house.

Cleaning doesn’t equalize to make friends. Making friends is more like spending time quality and figuring whether that person should be long time friend or a short term friend.

In conclusion, I shouldnt be bothered by what she says it usually what the oldies and older people sayings.In fact, I rather follow my own beliefs.




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