Archi. time. architecture: remotely studio life

Okay, I’m architecture student. Although, life has been bad as already is. Staying up and passing out as an architecture student is unlikely heard of.

Great, I just said it out loud.

I wouldn’t brag being an architecture student is great now. Because even if it’s great, remotely studio continues. Life continues I guess. Wanting to be an architect, as a student are the ways in path to become one. Whether it’s learning the computational architectural programs. Life as an student is hard. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s hard you make drawings. But your teacher or professors tells you to redo them. Or after that I guess you would call it production time before seeing jurors.

As. just a. student, during this whatever. crisis of Covid-19. Cohernetly, life doesn’t change. Stress doesn’t change. I guess as long you stay home everybody should be fine. Well the only that architecture changed remotely is less discussion time with the teachers or having models in the semester in the past. Realizing you left it in the studio is literally hardcore. Which is sad, I guess. Because I forget to take it back so I guess my life is okay.

Architecture is literally, a story, a upfitting of learning more architecture. Today, I guess I attended a lecture where student’s don’t need to attend. But it was quite interesting that now, people taken computational science programming into making abstract drawings that are computed by the machine or the computer itself. Before realizing, I thought those drawings were just draw from a hand. However, it’s not the case. Computational drawing makes the drawing itself to become more visualized as in the we see the texture and lines that become the co-existing foundations of the drawing.

I guess I learned something new today.


just a flower full of wonders. Trying to self - resolution for my boredom

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just a flower full of wonders. Trying to self - resolution for my boredom