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chatgpt to write a poem and reflection

2 min readMay 16


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I believe it came to the point, my dog was always beside me ever since my depression, and not wanting to go back to school or college. I’m more grateful for my dog to be beside me. Slowly, I notice some of the changes in my outlook. I started a live selling business for six or seven months, in two different apps. My outward of this experience is different in each category.
It was the vintage luxury or kawaii category. I know I’m not the only seller, in both categories. Yet, there are a lot of pros and cons. Not naming them specifically. There were a lot of emotional things that happened, like tears on whatnot. But moreover, I realized, it’s best to move on.

All of the time, pomeranian, my dog, was always beside me, whenever I’m sad, happy, or in tears. Or more. like going. into a hard time.
This a poem that I asked chatgpt.

Here is the poem that shocked me;

In a world of fluffy delight, Where joy and charm take flight, There dwells a breed so bright and small, The Pomeranian, standing tall.

With vibrant coats like sunlit gold, Their presence, a sight to behold, Each fluffy strand, a radiant hue, A kaleidoscope of colors, too.

Their tiny paws, a lively dance, Bounding with a playful stance, Eyes shining like stars in the night, Reflecting love, pure and bright.

In a Pomeranian’s tender gaze, Lies a spirit that truly amazes, Loyal and brave, they’ll never wane, A companion through joy and pain.

Their barks, a joyful serenade, A symphony that won’t ever fade, With voices so sweet, they sing along, Filling hearts with a joyful song.

With hearts so big, though small in size, They bring sunshine to cloudy skies, Their love, a treasure without measure, A constant source of endless pleasure.

Oh, Pomeranians, enchanting souls, Whose presence makes us feel whole, Forever etched in our hearts, they’ll be, Our beloved companions, for eternity.

Each line of how chatgpt transcribes, makes me realize, that pom was always there for me. Even if I was unhappy.

Thankyou pom for being there.




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