1 min readOct 13, 2020


If architecture and art are un demand for traveling art ?

what is the demanding issue ?

Is it possible to relinquish it ?

Wheres as architecture is walking beyond that lonely dream world, where as I do care the human and systemmatica boundary of where is design at?

Where is design? It’s So stressful everydaay watching the world of people die when theres no circulation around and where the demand of low rates of low. Amd gives off the depression and amxiety among of us.

Where people dont get the saftey nature. Im aiming to be an architectural designer, but I wouldnt call myself as one cause theres always something ethical in design world is wrong.

I take a walk amd hold a measuring ruler and think whats the possibilities if we configured everything in one automaic way.

As Sean Joyner articles said before, I was sitting i. Front of the computer for 24 hrs straight or leaving the computer on when I dont know when I have cancer, when I stare off the screen too much. Of wamting whats computational design world?

I want to be an architect already, although I have five years of experience since hs, I dont know where am I at?

Wheres my voice fixated in architecture?




just a flower full of wonders. Trying to self - resolution for my boredom