If Life Feels Like An Aftertaste?

2 min readMay 30, 2024

What if Life could be just happier in one day?

Photo by Anna on Unsplash

Sometimes Life feels hard on you. Sometimes is eating up away your time and energy.

Wishing with thoughts, I’ve shouldn’t have done it. I should have done something much more better. The more I dwindle into these thoughts, the more I think life is getting harder. For example, you thought it was easy at first, but now things are getting tougher and rougher each day.

The only way to change this thoughts is by thinking the happiest moments. It’s more like relieving yourself in those moments. But in a sense where in those moments, you are living up to your happier self.

To answer this;

You question yourself:

Why am I doing this?

What is this all for?

Am I doing this for myself or for others?

Life isn’t made of components. But it’s thought and action process. Where we are in the stage, we have made the wrong choices but now regretting those choices. It’s Almost like we are seeing the bad things of ourselves. But in fact, we are belittling ourselves. By destroying that thought, we are elimating those negative thoughts, we are creating the better me by passing that obstacle.

The reason why I’m Writing this way, is now how I feel at this moment.




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