Listening to my heart

Jan 7, 2023

In times…

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

My mind mentally,

Was just remembering just a comment

While I was on live,

That commenter said Are u drunk?

Yet, I’m Not

Its just that I was doing the live for 8 hrs

And I get dehydrated thats all,

Because I believed that I should’t spend any more

Like people are people,

But now I believe that I’m Just

Going to stay calm,

Don’t Care about it

But listen my heart if

I want to do more and

Become positive…

Because instantly even with all the orders

I’m Suppose to do

I’ll Take my time.

And change my mindset …

P.S Like You dont know me,

Why don’t you start selling?

Just don’t Troll on me questioning…




just a flower full of wonders. Trying to self - resolution for my boredom