Responding a Reflection of a Reading:

- from Computational Drawing by Carl Lostritto

2 min readJul 30, 2020
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Remarks of reading this book are somewhat changing my perspective of the drawings that we see as an architect’s perspective, and as an artist’s visionary. To me, I have been drawings for years and had never thought of it as a discipline. If the drawing was taken as a form and furthered to be described as. Would the drawing perhaps some chance change the relationship as an architecture student or an artist?

As an architecture student, and an artist who doodles for fun, drawings, perhaps became the existence of a chance of drawing. Drawing with pixels through the digital computer became easier for me. Regarding the easy. lost of mistakes that were made, I could fix. I usually use would be the undo button. Because of the undo button, I’m able to use it as when I mistake, I would redraw that pixel of drawing.

Reading this book feels the present needs that the book aims to be.
Carl Lostritto, the author of this book addresses his disciplines in this book as a “reflection” of himself about the works he used to describe the use of his knowledge and his answers finding how drawing is prevalent and existing in this time.

Regarding the reflection of this book, I preview this book as a way of understanding a more complicated designed field where coding is used in algorithms.




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