Response of Unreported Truths…

Recently reading an article about the Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns Part 1 Introduction and Death Counts and Estimates by Alex Berenson, talks about the truths that weren’t reported correctly about the COVID-19 through social media. Instead, the presentation of the relation of presenting the book was wrong. In this case, the actual limitation proofs of the representation on social media end up blaming people’s innocence when in the factual sense comes up to befall of people’s dignity. Berenson assumes that “we take NO efforts to protect the elderly, especially those in nursing homes that we develop no medicines for coronavirus”. But especially in this state, people are not taken care of but left behind. Alone and empty creates the mind of confusion, whereas, life is gone. Even if the “death figure does not account for the fact that the deaths will be heavily concentrated among the very old and sick”. It literally, creates the utter disappointment of the calculations of death that pre-estimated. Being able to understand the data of configurations of pre-estimated deaths that don’t match up in what social media says, makes life and the mind worrisome. With the “age distribution of infections,” it leads to the deluded idea of being not honest through social media.

With this misconception still going on, for months, and long pre-long times at home, it makes us think that we are underlying and playing the under the hands of the society.


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