Why Skincare or Makeup Shouldn't Be For 12 year olds?

Relatively towards Concerns for skin

2 min readMar 16, 2024
Photo by Kalos Skincare on Unsplash

One day, in the middle of 1 am a half I opened youtube app on my iphone. All of a sudden, there was thumbnail about tween skincare. I watched a little bit and never heard of any of these kids on tiktok which they are somewhat famous for. And my like I watch a 12 year old kid doing skincare and knows makeup than me. I’m like shocked. What happen to young pre-teens using skincare. I only started implementing it more during my highschool years. But presently, now I only do skincare during shower time. Which is kind of lazy but it fixs in my lazy days.

I think the video on youtube gave a very clear explanation that 12 years olds don’t need to use makeup or skincare. In fact, children’s skin doesnt need to have a complicated skin care routine.

It feels more like the relatively side. That even though, I’m not a 12 year kid, there’s a clear explaination if they don’t what harm the products has, they would eventually get skinrashes. Ultimately, they would have to quit skincare. Or even tiktok. I guessing the moral here, is I feel like skincare was made for adults that finds themselves being insecure in the way they appear in front of others.

I feel like I can’t argue to the point that as people we can’t control on how what child thinks. I mean for parents.

In conclusion, I feel that skincare or makeup should be used for adults.




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