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Nothing is complied

But just

The sigh

Of a gloomy rain,

Thats breathes us to

The need of more water

For things that I see


In my little window,

Theres just a brightness in the morning

Of a white light

That shines the objects around

And the living things



And trying to find that dream once again

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A heart that was beaten before,

A dream like imaginary wish, was viewed upon my

Uncertainties with thorns like roses

That burst into the unknown future

Yet, all I can do is keep on improving

My steps little by little

And pursue that wish


No matter how much times…



Jan 7

In times…

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My mind mentally,

Was just remembering just a comment

While I was on live,

That commenter said Are u drunk?

Yet, I’m Not

Its just that I was doing the live for 8 hrs

And I get dehydrated thats all,

Because I believed that I should’t spend any more




Dec 23, 2022

-Of the things I’ve Learned to reflect

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I find myself deciding

The things that I wanted

But I learned sometimes

As things get older,

That part of me

Wants to relive myself

To go back

And face myself

In that situation

Of what I could have done


Now turning point of 22

I, alone found




Dec 21, 2022

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I started to learn to live sell,

Within this month,

I learned I had to come

Through deficits

Although it was bad as it can be,

It reluctantly gave me happinesss

To learn to enjoy what was I doing before

christmas comes…






just a flower full of wonders. Trying to self - resolution for my boredom